Qualitative Methods Workshop

Doing Case Studies and Qualitative Research in International Business

Facilitator: Catherine Welch

The case study is the most commonly used qualitative methodology in international business, and it is also a popular choice for mixed-method research designs. Yet confusion, conflict and controversy still surround the use of case studies in international business. In this workshop, we will commence with the predominant view on case studies, derived from Eisenhardt and Yin. We will then cover more recent developments that challenge this established ‘roadmap’. Examples of published case studies in international business will be discussed and compared. By the end of the workshop, you should have gained greater awareness about the choices available to case researchers, the quality criteria used to evaluate case studies, and the possibilities for making a theoretical contribution with a case study.

This event is fully booked.

The workshop takes place on December 11 and will be a full-day event, to end right before the opening plenary of the conference. It is open for doctoral students and Faculty; the first 25 who register will be admitted to the workshop. Registration is done together with your registration for the conference.

There is an additional cost attached to this workshop: doctoral students pay 150 euro (incl VAT), other participants pay 300 euro (incl. VAT) for the event. Lunch and coffee is included.