John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial

For the 28th consecutive year, a Doctoral Tutorial for International Business students will be organized in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy (EIBA). The 2014 Doctoral Tutorial will take place at Uppsala University, Sweden on 11 December 2014, prior to the start of EIBA’s Annual Conference, 11-13 December 2014. (All students participating in the Doctoral Tutorial must also attend the EIBA Conference – this is a mandatory requirement.)

The first objective of the Tutorial is to provide an opportunity to doctoral students in International Business to discuss their research plans and their work in progress with a distinguished international faculty. The second purpose is to get them acquainted with the international EIBA-network of experts and colleagues working in the field of International Business. The core faculty for the Tutorial is composed of leading scholars in the field of International Business.

The students who are selected to participate in the Tutorial will be requested to present a short paper about their thesis proposal. Participating students are required to also attend the EIBA Annual Conference, immediately following the Tutorial. There is a special registration fee for students. An award will be presented to the student with the most promising thesis proposal. You can see the complete list of previous winners HERE.

We are particularly keen to encourage applications from doctoral students who, although not yet being close to having completed their theses, have already developed a clear idea of the data they will use (or are in the process of collecting them), and of their intended research design. That is, we welcome especially applications from doctoral candidates who are mid-way through their thesis.

We also encourage applicants from schools that do not as yet have established IB faculty research groups.

Since the number of participants is strictly limited, if you are interested in this event, you are urged to send :

by September 1, 2014

  • a three-page abstract of the doctoral research currently being undertaken (Times Roman 12 font, single line spacing, 3-page limit including any figures or tables, excluding references)
  • your CV in which you are kindly requested to mention:
  1. the number of months (years) you have been working on your doctoral thesis
  2. the name of your main thesis advisor

For more information and registration, please see:


Doctoral Symposium

The number of student participants at the annual John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial (JHD-DT) is strictly limited to ten (as this EIBA doctoral event involves a considerable amount of faculty feedback and discussion, etc.); therefore, the current one-day format cannot accommodate more students.

Applicants whose papers or topics do not meet with the established JHD-DT criteria in 2014 will be invited instead to apply for the 3rd EIBA Doctoral Symposium (DS), to take place on Thursday, December 11, 2014 – prior to the start of the EIBA 2014 conference in Uppsala, Sweden. The 3rd EIBA Doctoral Symposium will be chaired by Jeremy Clegg and Elizabeth Yi Wang (University of Leeds).

The DS will consist of several parallel 1½ hour sessions, attended by 2-3 faculty members. Three students will be allocated to each session and each will be asked to give a short presentation of their research work, after which they will receive feedback from the panellists. Participating students are expected to register for and attend the EIBA 2014 conference (i.e., this is a complimentary pre-conference event for registered PhD student delegates who have applied for and been accepted to the 2014 DS).

All applications and submissions that are not accepted for the 2014 John H. Dunning Doctoral Tutorial will automatically be considered for the 2014 EIBA Doctoral Symposium.

The submission deadline for abstracts is: September 1, 2014.


For more information, see: